Bar Fights are the Best When You Have a Drink In Your Hand

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In the fighting game, anything can happen. There is no sure victory. One miscalculation, one missed reaction, one fraction of a second too late and the knuckles never meet the intended target. Instead, they are lost to the ether, dispersed into the air, the impeccable force vanished and turned into wasted human energy reduced to a possibility. With the right timing, however, that speed train of human flesh and bone and discipline can buckle a man’s knees, fold his body in two, and bring him to the mercy of his aggressor. In that one second, his entire worldview is quickly spun back to the very realization that he too is mortal.

No, We’re Not Talking About Actual Bar Fights

We’re talking about the sport, of course. Talk to any boxing or UFC fan and they will likely have a list of favorite moments, surprises, and unexpected victories. Like the time Nate Diaz swiftly choked out Conor McGregor, putting his ego back in check and speaking straight to the mic and saying “I’m not surprised, motherf—”. Crown and Eagle has shown several boxing and UFC fights and knows the kind of energy this sport brings out in people. So we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on why people might love it so much.

No Champion is Forever

One of the great things about combat sports is that no man can remain champion forever. There is no such thing as a man that is forever king. It is natural law. Man is transient. No dictator, no tyrant, and certainly no champion is completely insusceptible to fluke, the aging of bones, missteps, ego, a lack of vision, a lesser technique, a smarter opponent etc. This is part of the drama. To whom does victory belong? Who has sacrificed the most? Who will dig deeper? And who will dethrone the king?

There are always legendary champions, of course. Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray, Mike Tyson, and yes Floyd Mayweather. Some of these boxers have had a tremendous impact on the history of the sport, development in the understanding of technique, and great cultural influence. Some of these, after all, have become American icons, stories of athletes that work their way up from the depths of poverty into the glory of the championship belt.

In UFC, there have also been fighters who seem they will be on top forever; they seem invincible, on top of the world, and then, suddenly, they are on the ground, writhing or tapping out. People thought that about Anderson Silva before he lost a devastating loss to Chris Weidman and was never the same again. The same was thought about Jose Aldo until a boisterous and confident Irishman finished him in just a few seconds. Rhonda Rousey rose to the highest peaks of fighter stardom—including landing a few movie spots—when she was seen as the rowdy judoka unstoppable in the ring. It wasn’t long, however, before one head kick sent her tumbling down. The mantle is always changing, the torch always being passed. And yet, and yet, the fighting game is more popular than ever because there is something great about watching two people live out their war in the ring. This isn’t us saying it, this is the millions and millions of UFC and boxing fans across the world saying it. Just look at the numbers!

The Numbers Say It All

The much-expected fight between Conor McGregor and the Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov had 2,400,00 pay per view buys and grossed in millions of dollars. McGregor was guaranteed 3 million that night, while the Russian was guaranteed 2. Superbowl winners in 2018, according to CNBC, made $112,000, granted there is a team of them but still. This does not include fight bonuses and everything else. In his fight against Mayweather, McGregor is said to have raked in 100$ million for a fight he lost. Of course in the above mentioned McGregor vs Khabib fight, the latter sacrificed his payday due to a post-fight brawl that had the entire UFC crowd shocked. Anything can happen. In UFC Fight Night 143, Cejudo vs Dillashaw, many fans were left scratching their heads after a somewhat controversial stoppage by the referee. And we see plenty of those too.

So What Is It That Keeps Us Watching?

Fans of the fight game will also tell you that the appeal rests on so much more than just the fight itself. Whether you are a boxing fan, a UFC fan, or both, you watch for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s the intensity of a head to head match between two trained athletes. Maybe you are a practitioner of the sport and love to observe technique playing out by the world’s elite. The more you know about the ground game or boxing technique, the more the drama is enhanced. And maybe there is just something raw about two people surviving with nothing but their minds and their bodies. It’s about the internal struggle, the overcoming of obstacles, the manifestation of greatness via a very human interaction. Maybe it is the success stories. That is, the drama of watching someone work so hard for something, sacrifice so much, train endlessly, to reach perfection and prove it to themselves and the world.

Come for the Bar Fights, Stay for the Food and Drink (and Poker and Football)

Whatever it is about the fight game that you love, come and share it with us. There is no better place to watch the fights than with your friends and great drink specials. Of course, we offer much more than just great bar fights. We have poker nights, karaoke, and unmatched food and drinks. Whatever you’re into, we’ve got it. Swing on by and fight on. Not for reals, of course. See you Crown and Eagle!

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