The Psychology of Live Music and Why You Should Partake

The Psychology of Live...

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or some other ungodly obstruction), you have, at some point in your life—in your pre-pubescent awkwardness, high school day angst, college nights or in adulthood—heard and listened to a song that moved you. That is, if you are human to any minimal degree, you understand the power that […]

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The Story of Whiskey and its Many Battles: A Brief History of the Spirit in America

The Story of Whiskey...

The story of whiskey is composed of long fought battles; it’s survived harsh winters, wars, prohibitions, negative advertisement campaigns,  and has proven to be quite stubborn, persistent, and just so darned good that it has emerged —despite all that—victorious on the other side. It persevered through centuries, battles, revolutions and uprisings and it remains a […]

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Bar Fights are the Best When You Have a Drink In Your Hand

Bar Fights are the...

In the fighting game, anything can happen. There is no sure victory. One miscalculation, one missed reaction, one fraction of a second too late and the knuckles never meet the intended target. Instead, they are lost to the ether, dispersed into the air, the impeccable force vanished and turned into wasted human energy reduced to […]

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El Paso’s Newest Poker Bar: The Game and the Art of Bluffing

El Paso’s Newest Poker...

Of all the wonderful things that the wild west gave us—saloons, gunfights, gold rushes, and iconic American figures like Billy the Kid—some origins of poker might also owe allegiance to this quintessential adventurous time in American history. It’s very beginnings, of course, go far beyond that, but the modern poker game and the later, well […]

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Tis the Season: Delicious Winter Weather Whiskey Drinks

Tis the Season: Delicious...

Whiskey and Bourbon are like a good pair of jeans. They go with almost anything. That winter wonderland is right around the corner and while many people in places like Chicago or Denver would argue that ours is not very much of a winter at all, it’s still gets chilly! They’re just jealous that we […]

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