El Paso’s Newest Poker Bar: The Game and the Art of Bluffing

Of all the wonderful things that the wild west gave us—saloons, gunfights, gold rushes, and iconic American figures like Billy the Kid—some origins of poker might also owe allegiance to this quintessential adventurous time in American history. It’s very beginnings, of course, go far beyond that, but the modern poker game and the later, well beloved, Texas hold em, can be traced on American land. Here at Crown and Eagle bar, we host poker games every week, each time learning something new about this subtle game of luck, skill, and, of course, bluffing.

The beloved game of Poker developed over time, acquiring its unique rules and qualities as it trespassed borders and centuries. Fifty-two card games can be traced way back to the 14th century, but none of them were betting games or bore any resemblance to modern poker. A possible early precursor to the early poker could be an old English game of “Brag,” which used some familiar phrases like blind, blinds, flush, but more importantly, required bluffing. Around 1829, first reports, by a man named Joseph Cowell, emerged out of a New Orleans bar.

A Game of Rebels

As the gold rush got underway and hundreds of Americans rushed towards the new frontier in attempts to lay claim to their new riches, the game seemed to take on a new life. It was around the 1850s that Riverboat gamblers were born and early versions of the game circulated through a rambunctious bunch of gunslingers, outlaws, explorers, and others. It was here that the subtle art of lying was introduced to the game and became one of the distinct qualities that separated it from all other card games. That and betting of course.

The game continued to develop during the American Civil War. The name possibly derived from the French game called Poke.  It was around this time that some of the now familiar traits of the game were popularized and it started to take the shape we recognize today.

The Texas Game

Texas is great for many reasons, but it’s also great because it gave us what is now known as Texas Hold’em. Around the 1970s a new form of the game began appearing in card playing circles. Some accounts say it originated in a little town outside of Corpus Christi, others say in Vegas by a Texas card player. The game did make its way to Vegas in the late sixties however and was an instant hit. Today the game is played across the country. People play it in a bar, professionally, or at home. That’s what makes the game so popular and accessible.

Poker Night at the Bar

Whether you are a pro at bluffing or like to practice your skills in the art of subtly, or whether you are feeling a strike of luck, poker nights here at the Crown and Eagle bar are a guaranteed good time. Come by and win some big prize money!


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